When it comes to handling your legal administrative needs, JND delivers the most responsive, trustworthy and technically superior results. No other company in the legal industry understands more about client delivery. No one else has proven their ability to handle large, complicated cases like JND has. And no other company excels at the range of services that JND offers.

Class Action Administration

JND delivers the most reliable and comprehensive legal administrative resources and services available to our clients. Jen, Neil, and David are acclaimed in the industry for having handled some of the most complex class action settlements in the country’s history.


JND’s eDiscovery team draws on a deep well of experience and technology, with an understanding that each unique case requires specific tools, tests, process evaluations, and tailored strategies to meet its goals. With a high level of responsiveness and creativity, we help you identify, prioritize, and make real-time decisions.

Government Services

JND has proved its ability to understand and address the unique needs of government entities throughout the United States. Our firm, led by 15-year Federal Trade Commission (FTC) veteran Charles Lawson, is the only administration firm to offer this specialized service.

Legal Notice Programs

A strong notice program gives class members comprehensive and clear information regarding the settlement and their legal rights.  JND’s Notice Expert, CEO Jennifer Keough, has been providing expert consultation for years on all facets of Class Action settlements, including notice issues.

Mass Tort & Lien Resolution

JND provides a complete end-to-end solution for mass tort administration. As your singular solution for mass tort administration, JND has the experience and expertise to handle client intake, screening and retention; medical record retrieval and review; Plaintiff Fact Sheet preparation including a unique on-line website offering; claims adjudication and settlement administration; lien resolution; and escrow, QSF management, and disbursements.

Our Founders

Jennifer Keough

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

JND Legal Administration

Jennifer Keough, Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Neil Zola

Executive Co-Chairman, Founder

JND Legal Administration

Neil Zola, Executive Co-Chairman, Founder

David Isaac

Executive Co-Chairman, Founder

JND Legal Administration

David Isaac, Executive Co-Chairman, Founder

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