Incident Response Services

Successfully responding to a data incident requires forensic identification, a detailed understanding of the impacted data, comprehensive noticing and communication capabilities, and remediation services in the form of credit, dark web, PII and PHI monitoring. JND’s comprehensive Incident Response Service comprises the expertise of our industry leading Legal Notice, Settlement Administration, and eDiscovery Solutions, offering secure, efficient solutions in the wake of a data incident.

Incident Response Services Offerings

Data Identification and Forensic Collection

JND’s role commences immediately after the incident is assessed and the threat is mitigated and eliminated.  Using our cutting-edge eDiscovery solutions JND can quickly identify impacted data and the type of affected data, such as Personal Identifying Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI).  Impacted data is then forensically collected, processed, and prepared for review.

Data Culling and Review

Within JND's secure cloud-hosted platform, JND will deploy our patented tools and workflows to cull the affected data. Our in-house team of experts will perform a comprehensive review and analysis to identify potentially impacted individuals, along with any PII and PHI that may have been compromised.

Notice to Impacted Individuals

Utilizing our industry-leading noticing services, JND’s experts will draft a clear and comprehensive notice and notify all potentially impacted individuals via mail or email, ensuring compliance with the varied Federal and State notification requirements.

Contact Center / Customer Communications

Having handled tens of millions of calls and supporting multiple languages, JND’s contact centers will be the point of contact for all communications. Our seasoned agents will provide information to any potentially impacted individuals regarding breach, credit, dark web, and PII and PHI monitoring, or any other available remediation options. We also draft crisis communications and FAQs.

Credit, Dark Web, PII, and PHI Monitoring

Leveraging our relationships with the three leading credit bureaus, JND will offer credit, dark web, PII and PHI monitoring services and assist potentially impacted individuals to activate these services to protect their personal data, identity, and other confidential information.





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