JND delivers the most reliable and comprehensive class action administration resources through pre-settlement consultation, complete notice services, claims processing and validation, extensive call center capabilities, cutting-edge website design, and an array of distribution services.

Class Action Administration Services

Pre-Settlement Consultation

We begin each project by consulting with clients on how to develop allocation methodologies and design efficient, economical roadmaps for settlement administration while providing preliminary hearing support. Our team works with the parties to compile the class list, or maintain a role as independent auditor of an existing class list to verify completeness.


Class Notification Programs

Effectively notifying class members is the single most influential factor in determining class participation rates—and we have perfected a strong track record in this arena. JND’s proposed notice program may include:

  • long form
  • postcard
  • email
  • print
  • radio
  • television
  • social media
  • digital
  • video
  • press releases
  • out-of-home 

Claim Form Development & Website Design

JND assists the parties in designing a claim form that is easy for class members to complete, efficient to process, solicits the necessary information, and facilitates an efficient claims processing phase.

Our secure online claims submission process reduces overall claims processing costs by 75% from traditional claim methods, and is flexible enough to handle class action settlements of all sizes. JND's proprietary databases provide efficient capture of claim form data, as well as accurate and flexible reporting.


Claimant Communications

JND does all of its call center work in the United States. To help class members make informed decisions about participation, we create a toll-free number for each project that we can connect directly to our staff. Our call centers can also implement sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms as well as staff operators 24/7 who speak dozens of languages, if necessary.

We also produce and maintain a website tailored to your case’s needs—from an information-only site with downloadable forms to one accepting online claim submissions.


Claims Processing and Validation

Our professional staff is trained to process the most complex claims with the utmost efficiency and accuracy. We are readily available to draft, or assist in drafting, claim forms to ensure class comprehension and complete claim form submission.

Proprietary databases efficiently capture claim form data as well as accurate and flexible reporting; and with our proprietary online claim submission sites, we are able to provide secure submission and reduce overall complexity. Knowing each case is different, we offer customized reporting to provide a variety of perspectives on the data that our clients may have not considered.


Benefits Disbursement

The team at JND has disbursed billions of dollars in settlement benefits in a wide variety of forms — checks, wages, credits, gift cards, vouchers, and electronic benefits. We manage all aspects of the settlement fund, including: 

  • opening disbursement accounts,
  • reconciling accounts,
  • establishing a Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF),
  • filing tax returns,
  • serving as Escrow Agent,
  • managing tax reporting for settlement disbursements
  • issuing of tax statements, such as W-2s and 1099s, to class members
  • and calculating the payroll withholding and employer taxes that are often required in employment class action settlements.


From tax reporting to preparing tax returns for qualified settlement funds, JND manages the final steps so you can focus on your next case.

Class Action Administration Cases

The JND team has been involved in some of our country's landmark class actions, including:

  • In re Air Cargo Shipping Services Antitrust Litigation
  • Allagas v. BP Solar Int’l, Inc.
  • Auction Houses Antitrust Litigation
  • Bank of America Securities Litigation
  • BP Deepwater Horizon Settlement
  • Careathers v. Red Bull North America, Inc.
  • Chester v. The TJX Cos., Inc., et al. 
  • In re
  • Expedia Hotel Taxes & Fees Litigation
  • In re General Motors LLC Ignition Switch Litigation
  • IPO Securities Litigation
  • Linneman, et al., v. Vita-Mix Corp., et al.
  • Music Publisher's Settlement
  • Red Bull False Advertising Litigation
  • Royal Ahold Securities Litigation
  • Visa/Mastercard Antitrust Litigation
  • Williams, et al. v. Weyerhaeuser Company
  • Worldcom Securities Litigation


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