JND delivers the most reliable and comprehensive legal administrative resources and services available to our clients. Our team has handled some of the most complex class action settlements in the country's history.

Class Action Administration Services

Pre-settlement Consultation

We design efficient, economical roadmaps for settlement administration, provide preliminary hearing support, deliver independent damage modeling expertise, and handle CAFA notification.

Class Notification

Effectively notifying class members is the single most influential factor in determining class participation rates—and JND has perfected a strong track record in this arena.

Website Development and Design

Our proprietary databases provide efficient capture of claim form data, as well as accurate and flexible reporting. We also create and maintain a website with the appropriate functionality that is easy to use.

Claimant Communications

JND does all of its call center work in the United States. Our call center has the ability to implement sophisticated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms as well as staff operators 24/7 who speak dozens of languages, if necessary.

Claims Processing and Validation

Our professional staff is trained to process the most complex claims with the utmost efficiency and accuracy.

Benefits Distribution

The team at JND has disbursed billions of dollars in settlement benefits in a wide variety of forms—checks, wages, credits, gift cards, vouchers, and electronic benefits. We are able to do so working through our proprietary technology.


From tax reporting to preparing tax returns for qualified settlement funds, JND manages the final steps so you can focus on your next case.

Class Action Administration Cases

JND's Executives have been involved in some of our country's landmark class actions, including:

  • Auction Houses Antitrust Litigation
  • Bank of America Securities Litigation
  • BP Deepwater Horizon Settlement
  • Expedia Hotel Taxes & Fees Litigation
  • IPO Securities Litigation
  • Music Publisher's Settlement
  • Red Bull False Advertising Litigation
  • Royal Ahold Securities Litigation
  • Visa/Mastercard Antitrust Litigation
  • Worldcom Securities Litigation


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