Pre-Settlement Services

A comprehensive pre-settlement preparation makes the difference between an efficient, economical settlement process and a process that is needlessly complex and over budget. From your first consultation with JND Class Action Administration, you will see how our firm can maximize the return on your settlement administration effort.

Pre-Settlement Services

Notification of Proposed Settlement

CAFA requires that appropriate state and federal officials be notified within 10 days of the proposed settlement being filed with the court. To do this, JND Class Action Administration uses our proprietary database in order to mail CAFA notices within one business day of receiving all relevant court documents.

Development of Allocation Methodologies/Special Master Services

Our experts have developed detailed allocation methodologies and can testify as to their fairness and accuracy. Jennifer Keough, our CEO, has been appointed as an Expert, Special Master and Independent Claims Administrator in several class actions and is available for consultation on your matter.

Identification of Class Members

It is essential that the initial class member list be comprehensive to eliminate any reason for the court to overturn the settlement or require re-notification. JND Class Action Administration will work closely with the parties to compile this list, or we will serve as an independent auditor of an existing list.

Providing Preliminary Approval Hearing Support

We will help develop a notice and administration plan to satisfy the court's requirements—then testify to its adequacy at the preliminary and final approval hearings.

Class Action Administration Cases

  • Auction House Antitrust
  • Bank of America Securities Litigation
  • BP Deepwater Horizon Fund
  • Expedia Hotel Taxes and Fees Litigation
  • IPO Securities Litigation
  • Music Publisher’s Settlement
  • Red Bull False Advertising Litigation
  • Royal Ahold Securities Litigation
  • Visa/Mastercard Antitrust Litigation
  • Worldcom Securities Litigation


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