A Relativity Gold Partner, JND offers an award-winning end-to-end eDiscovery and managed services solution through RelativityOne, and holds Cloud Solution and Service Partner certifications. Consulting and providing litigation support services on both a per-matter and contract basis, JND solves complex eDiscovery challenges and produces defensible results for a broad network of law firm, corporate and government agency clients.

eDiscovery Software & Professional Services

Forensic Collection

Remote and onsite data collection from hard drives, portable media, the cloud, structured databases and proprietary systems.

ESI Processing

JND delivers high-speed, predictable processing results with email threading, analytics-based culling, near and exact de-duplication, and automatic OCR.

RelativityOne Hosting

Our premier RelativityOne environment provides scalable hosting and secure access to review multiple terabytes of data from any internet-connected device.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

JND was instrumental in the development of Relativity's AI tool, aiR, achieving consistent increases in efficiency and accuracy throughout the eDiscovery process.

Environment Migration

Our zero-downtime data migration workflow has been used to migrate hundreds of active matters from legacy systems into JND's RelativityOne environment.

Managed Review

JND’s managed review team efficiently and effectively leverages all appropriate review accelerators and TAR features, saving our clients countless hours of review time.

Our client partners

RELATIVITY certified partner since 2014

Custom eDiscovery Solutions

Every legal team brings its own proficiencies and workflow preferences to the platform, and no two cases are alike. Your eDiscovery solution is made up of two parts: technology and support. The technology needs to be capable, and your services provider should be ready to support in-house teams and outside counsel by quickly and creatively responding to discovery events with custom solutions.

One reason Relativity is the market leader in eDiscovery software is its platform extensibility. The RelativityOne platform was designed to support ongoing innovation and customization. To date, JND has received patents for its analytics application, LayerCake™, document review application, MachOne™, and JND’s proprietary search application, OneSearch™. These, along with JND’s Innovation Award winning integrated support solution, Virtual Helpdesk were purpose built to improve processes and outcomes in the RelativityOne platform for our eDiscovery client partners.



"There are a lot of ways to search in Relativity. How can I be sure I'm not missing any important search hits?"
"Instead of viewing and coding one document at a time, can I code in grid view?"
"Can I use analytics to rank and order the documents in a set by their likelihood of being found responsive?"
"Relativity users who are working remote need an integrated support solution."


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