Claims Processing

As accurate and timely claims processing is key to successful settlement administration, JND Class Action Administration is relentless regarding the accuracy and efficiency of our claim form process.

Claims Processing

Claim Form Design

Once the parties develop notice content, JND Class Action Administration will help design a claim form that is easy for class members to complete, efficient to process, solicits the necessary information, and facilitates an efficient claims processing phase.

Case-specific Database Design

Database expertise is one of JND Class Action Administration’s greatest strengths. Our proprietary databases provide efficient capture of claim form data as well as accurate and flexible reporting.

Claim Form and Opt-out Processing

Our principals’ accolades speak to JND Class Action Administration’s ability to handle complex claims processing. We guarantee the accurate, cost-effective information capture necessary to determine claim eligibility and claimant benefit level.

Online Claims Processing

Our secure online claims submission process reduces overall claims processing costs by 75% from traditional claim methods, and is flexible enough to handle class action settlements of all sizes.

Class Member Inquiry Services

To help class members make informed decisions about participation, we create a toll-free number for each project that we can connect to our staff instead of a menu of pre-recorded messages. We also produce and maintain a website tailored to your case’s needs—from an information-only site with downloadable forms to one accepting online claim submissions.

Status Reporting and Special Analyses

Keeping our clients informed of the status of their cases—and confident that your settlement is being expertly managed—is of the utmost importance. This drives JND Class Action Administration to provide views of the data that you may not have considered.

Class Action Administration Cases

  • Auction House Antitrust
  • Bank of America Securities Litigation
  • BP Deepwater Horizon Fund
  • Expedia Hotel Taxes and Fees Litigation
  • IPO Securities Litigation
  • Music Publisher’s Settlement
  • Red Bull False Advertising Litigation
  • Royal Ahold Securities Litigation
  • Visa/Mastercard Antitrust Litigation
  • Worldcom Securities Litigation


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