Coronavirus Response: Our Commitment To You

3/24/2020 6:00:00 AM


At JND Legal Administration ("JND") we have had a plan in place for years to deal with an interruption in business due to natural disaster or other unforeseen circumstance. While, like most of you, we didn’t imagine that our world would be upended by the Coronavirus, we are continuing with business as usual in this difficult time. We have taken steps to protect all of our employees by practicing social distancing, disinfecting our offices, and staggering our workforce hours. While our offices remain open, we are also utilizing a remote workforce in large part. Our entire IT team, including our VP of Information Security, is focused on making sure that our commitment to data security is enhanced with our remote workforce. In short, we are doing everything we can to protect our employees and our clients.

Moreover, all operational work at JND continues, even while we do our part to help flatten the curve. We continue to take on new matters and we continue to provide the best in class service that has become one of the hallmarks of JND. All JND employees remain available to you either via phone or email. And our Founders are committed to the same expediency in managing our caseload. If there is ever a concern about any issue in your case, always feel free to reach out to Jennifer Keough (J), Neil Zola (N) or David Isaac (D). We are also continually monitoring the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on your cases as they make their way through the court system and are prepared to adapt as needed to best handle your administrations.

We know that all of our clients are experiencing similar interruptions to your work and personal lives, while dealing with the responsibility of taking care of children, parents and other loved ones. It is a challenging time, but we are here to at least make one aspect of this ordeal easier for you by continuing to deliver the critical services you require.

Our thoughts go out to anyone whose health has been or may be affected by this virus. With offices in Seattle and New York we know full well the extent of the crisis and are grateful to the men and women in the healthcare industry who are doing everything they can to help our cities, states and country through this ordeal. We look forward to working with you now and in the future and look forward to a time when we can meet in person with a handshake or a hug. Please feel free to reach out to us at

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