JND Featured in the MTVA October Member Spotlight

10/20/2020 9:00:00 AM

JND Legal Administration, a founding member of the Mass Torts Vendor Association (MTVA), was selected for inclusion in the October 2020 Member Spotlight, distributed to members via email and published online at

About MTVA

Founded in 2019, MTVA comprises a growing network of established mass torts vendors. The mission of the organization is twofold: to define and uphold trusted and tested ethical best practices for vendors, and to thereby distinguish members as trusted, best-in-class legal service providers. Members are listed in the MTVA Membership Directory as a resource for trial lawyers seeking best-in-class mass tort settlement and related legal services.

JND is proud to be a founding member of the MTVA. This spotlight affirms our place as one of the most trusted sources for best practices within the legal community, further highlighting our attributes to existing and potential clients as well as solidifying the trust placed in us by trial lawyers. Included with our MTVA Spotlight, the following video captures who we are by naming several ways our firm exemplifies the ethical ideals and practices that elevate the quality of our client services.


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