[Infographic] Top 3 Benefits of a Holistic eDiscovery Solution

5/13/2019 9:00:00 AM

Having data spread across multiple vendors in multiple software platforms through external providers decreases efficiency, increases risk, and ultimately inflates costs. In recent years, organizations are opting for a more holistic approach of licensing software directly from a single service provider.

There are many benefits to scaling eDiscovery operations to a sole solution, but these are our top three:

Benefit #1: Reduce eDiscovery Spend

Centralization reduces spend across all phases of the eDiscovery lifecycle. By hosting all documents in a single environment, companies can avoid redundant processing fees, reduce their data storage footprint, and lower document review costs. Holistic eDiscovery also lowers spend across internal categories such as staffing, training, software, storage infrastructure and IT support.

Benefit #2: Mitigate Risk

Remember the "too many cooks in the kitchen" adage? Housing your data in multiple environments through numerous external providers increases your company’s risk portfolio. By introducing a centralized eDiscovery platform, you'll reduce the number of "cooks" involved in ESI collections, processing and storage, which in turn reduces the likelihood of errors or delayed work product.

Benefit #3: Eliminate Duplicative Work Product

A centralized platform offers cross-matter capabilities, allowing case teams to recycle past document tagging and coding decisions for future matters. This saves invaluable time and eliminates repetitive work while supporting the systematization of recurring processes for ongoing operational efficiency.



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