Review Documents Faster with JND’s Latest eDiscovery Application, MachOne™

3/2/2020 9:00:00 AM

Notice and Claims Administration Panel at American Bar Association’s (ABA) 23rd Annual National Institute on Class Actions, October 17-18, 2019.


In October of 2019, JND publicly announced the release of its second custom developed application, MachOne™, which reduces platform latency and provides users with an enriched coding interface for reviewing electronic documents faster in Relativity. MachOne pairs Relativity’s native document viewer (above, right) with a fully editable document list (above, left) to accelerate data entry and large-scale document review projects.

Optimized for speed, visibility, usability and workflow flexibility, MachOne provides Relativity users with a more robust alternative to the standard coding interface and reduces project overhead time by 40-60% on average.

What Benefits Does the App Offer Relativity Users?

The first and only Relativity-integrated application to eliminate the coding pane and allow reviewers to submit coding decisions with ‘grid view’ visibility of the document list, MachOne accelerates document review and enables new project workflow possibilities. The application introduces copy-and-paste functionality in the document list and supports keyboard shortcuts, enabling reviewers to submit coding decisions as fast as they can type. MachOne also automates quality control with built-in field verification, alerting reviewers of coding errors in real time.

Review Documents Faster

MachOne’s fully editable document list allows users to navigate between documents with precision, reference past coding decisions at a glance, and copy-and-paste entries across documents. As an automated quality control assistant, MachOne’s built-in field verification saves additional time by directing the reviewer’s attention to data entry errors in real time.

Toggle Between MachOne and Traditional Coding Pane

Relativity users can toggle between the MachOne grid view and Relativity’s standard coding pane with a single click or use the two in tandem. For example, the coding pane may be used to reveal an extended list of document attributes and metadata, while the grid view may be used to enter coding decisions.

Explore New Document Review Workflows

MachOne users can imitate traditional linear review by entering doc-per-doc coding decisions across fields, one document at a time, or change gears by reviewing field-by-field from one document to the next. Discover efficiency-driven workflows by jumping between documents and fields freely.

Take MachOne for a Test Drive

MachOne was selected as a finalist for the 2019 Relativity Fest Best Innovation: Solution Provider award, and is now being used by JND’s eDiscovery clients to customize document review workflows and accelerate linear review. The Colorado Department of Law has adopted the application as part of its standard document review process and is currently using MachOne on all active matters.

Want to take MachOne for a test drive? Contact our eDiscovery Team for more information or to request a demo.

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