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Olivia Taylor

Olivia Taylor

eDiscovery Consultant

JND eDiscovery

With nearly two decades of legal and corporate expertise, Olivia Taylor is an accomplished professional who has navigated the realms of law and business with distinction. Initially trained as an attorney, she spent close to a decade litigating complex federal and state cases in Illinois with a focus on high-stakes litigation.

Over a decade ago, Olivia transitioned into corporate sales leveraging extensive legal knowledge to deliver tailored solutions in the areas of legal and compliance products. For over seven years, she excelled in selling into law firms, corporations and government agencies, specializing in risk, fraud and compliance solutions before shifting focus to eDiscovery.

Currently based in Tampa Florida, Olivia has successfully penetrated the southeastern market, securing sales with some of the region’s largest corporations. Drawing from a solid legal foundation, she holds a Juris Doctor degree from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago, Illinois and brings a unique blend of legal insight and corporate acumen to every engagement.

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