JND provides a complete end-to-end solution for mass tort administration. JND has the experience and expertise to handle client intake, screening and retention; medical record retrieval and review; Plaintiff Fact Sheet preparation including a unique on-line website offering; claims adjudication and settlement administration; lien resolution; and escrow, QSF management, and disbursements.

Mass Tort Offerings

Intake, Screening, and Retention

JND’s team of medically knowledgeable staff provides outreach and screening services in multiple languages. We bolster the efforts of our communications team with website, email, and mailed communication; all of which results in the maximum qualified retention rates.

Medical Record Retrieval and Review

JND obtains claimants’ medical records; reviews and bookmarks as appropriate; analyses for physical injury and damages; and oversees additional medical record requests.

Plaintiff Fact Sheet Preparation

JND provides a streamlined program for completion and submission of plaintiff fact sheets (PFS). JND’s PFS team works with claimants and counsel to offer a multitude of different options for the accurate and timely completion of PFS forms. JND’s medically knowledgeable staff handles outbound and inbound calls while JND’s proprietary on-line PFS website allows claimants and counsel to complete PFS forms on-line and portals for interested stakeholders to view and file information in a secure manner. In addition, JND’s notice team can reach and communicate with claimants via email and US Mail in multiple languages using plain language notifications that are geared to maximize the timely completion of PFS forms.

Claims Adjudication and Settlement Administration

JND’s management team has handled the settlement administration of some of this country’s largest and most important mass tort settlements. JND has the expertise and experience to consult with counsel pre-settlement and assist design all aspects of the mass tort settlement administration including the protocol (development of allocation criteria and allocation calculators); the claims filing; the appropriate notice; developing timelines; etc. Then, when the settlement is finalized, JND seamlessly handles everything from notice to distribution.

Lien Resolution

JND oversees the lien resolution process for its clients including reporting the allocation to Medicare/Medicaid; negotiating the lien amount(s); and completing final liens.


The JND team provides comprehensive escrow services, Qualified Settlement Fund management, tax reporting, and settlement benefit distribution in multiple currencies and money methods.

Mass Tort Cases

The JND Executives have worked on a variety of Mass Tort cases. Listed below are some of the more prominent matters.

  • Amatex Settlement Trust
  • BP Deepwater Horizon Fund
  • C-8
  • Depuy Hip Replacement Intake
  • Engle Trust Fund
  • GM Ignition Switch Compensation Fund
  • IVC Filters Intake
  • Leach v. DuPont
  • Manville Person Injury Settlement
  • Pfizer Rezulin Drugs
  • Stryker Modular Hip Implant Settlement
  • Transvaginal Mesh Intake
  • Zimmer NextGen Intake





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