JND Cases

JND and its principals and subsidiaries have handled a wide array of cases over the years. See below for a select sample of matters.

Class Action Administration Cases

JND’s Class Action Administration team has been delivering the most reliable, comprehensive services to clients for decades—with highly acclaimed results. Our collective team has earned the trust of law firms and Fortune 500 companies nationwide by managing complex settlements with the utmost integrity.
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Corporate Restructuring Cases

Armed with technology-driven claims & noticing abilities as well as a powerful set of tools, JND Corporate Restructuring has a depth of experience that is second to none.
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JND’s team members have worked for various Government agencies throughout the country, including the DOJ, SEC, FTC and various State AGs. A few very large cases we have handled include:

  • Cobell Indian Trust Settlement
  • Gulf Coast Claims Facility
  • T-Mobile Remediation Program
  • Verizon Wireless FTC Litigation


JND provides a complete end-to- end solution for mass tort administration.  JND has the experience and expertise to handle client intake, screening and retention; medical record retrieval and review; Plaintiff Fact Sheet preparation including a unique on-line website offering; claims adjudication and settlement administration; lien resolution; and escrow, QSF management, and disbursements.

Some of the matters handled by the team at JND include the following:

  • Amatex Settlement Trust
  • BP Deepwater Horizon Fund
  • C-8
  • Depuy Hip Replacement Intake
  • Engle Trust Fund
  • GM Ignition Switch Compensation Fund
  • IVC Filters Intake
  • Leach v. DuPont
  • Manville Person Injury Settlement
  • Pfizer Rezulin Drugs
  • Stryker Modular Hip Implant Settlement
  • Transvaginal Mesh Intake
  • Zimmer NextGen Intake


Without focused, experienced, hands-on involvement, your litigation solution is open to missed risks, misguided efforts, and costly, late game course corrections.

JND's audit services team draws on a deep well of experience and technology, with an understanding that each unique case requires specific tools, tests, process evaluations, and tailored strategies to meet its goals. With a high level of responsiveness and creativity, we help you identify, prioritize, and make real-time decisions. Some of our larger matters include:

  • Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement
  • Aftermarket Sheet Metal Antitrust (Antitrust MDL)
  • Polyurethane Antitrust (Antitrust MDL)
  • Aluminum Sulfate Litigation (Antitrust MDL)
  • City of Houston v. Goldman Sachs
  • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission v. PFG
  • Skymall Inc. Securities Litigation
  • Prime Media Group, LLC v. Acer America Corporation
  • Surgical Mesh Implant Litigation
  • Willits v. City of Los Angeles
  • Marin v. Apple-Metro, Inc
  • Rudd v. T.L. Cannon Corp.
  • DOJ v. Thomas Petters
  • Medtronic v. Globus Medical

Our Experience

Our principals have commanded legal engagements of all sizes and unique challenges, including some of the largest and most notable cases in the last three decades.

With this leadership, our record-setting case settlement history, and superior technology, we can guarantee that no other company can provide better experience or more successful client delivery.

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