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Practice Areas


When benefits are viewed as wages, and taxes need to be withheld and paid to state and federal agencies, our experts quickly establish unique payroll accounts, report wage income to state agencies and the IRS, prepare payroll tax returns, and mail W-2s to class members. We offer administration programs to meet the needs of Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) cases of all sizes, with a host of optional tools including toll-free phone support and online submission.  View our employment cases


Using our proprietary database, JND Class Action Administration coordinates with brokers, banks, and other professional nominees to obtain class member notice mailing lists. Using our securities-specific website, these entities, along with professional claim filers, can obtain all the information they need in order to submit lists of shareholders, submit electronic master claims, and request information from our securities team.  

Property Owner/Environmental

Class actions involving property owners are some of the most complicated settlements to manage. They may require ownership validation, GIS data to identify class parcels or determine damage calculations, and tax records across counties and states to identify class members.

Our experts have deep experience handling all these issues when managing class actions involving property owners. View our property owner cases


Antitrust class settlements traditionally have large settlement funds, as well as fewer-than-normal class members. This can result in significant payouts for a given class member—millions of dollars in many cases. Our experts serve as both claims administrator and escrow agent for these types of cases, ensuring seamless transition from claims validation to benefit disbursement.


JND Class Action Administration has managed hundreds of consumer class actions with class sizes ranging from hundreds to millions of class members. To aid consumer class participation, we also specialize in creative solutions for increasing participation rates in consumer classes. View our consumer cases



JND Class Action Administration Cases

  • Auction House Antitrust
  • Bank of America Securities Litigation
  • BP Deepwater Horizon Fund
  • Expedia Hotel Taxes and Fees Litigation
  • IPO Securities Litigation
  • Music Publisher’s Settlement
  • Red Bull False Advertising Litigation
  • Royal Ahold Securities Litigation
  • Visa/Mastercard Antitrust Litigation
  • Worldcom Securities Litigation


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