JND is a new breed of claims agent. Our seasoned restructuring team has organized and managed some of the country’s largest bankruptcy matters. Armed with technology-driven claims and noticing abilities, we provide exactly the corporate restructuring services you need.

Corporate Restructuring Services


JND’s goal is to provide precision and simplicity in otherwise chaotic situations—whether for an upcoming Chapter 7, 9, 11, or 15 filing. Decades of interaction with bankruptcy professionals have given us a thorough understanding of their needs.

Creditor Communications

The sheer volume of creditor inquiries can become overwhelming. Our ability to lighten your load is never compromised by our ability to provide inquiring parties with timely and useful information.


Accurate and timely noticing is critical to the success of your case. Our robust production facility, coupled with the industry’s most innovative technology platform, provides for fast, accurate and efficient service of legal documents – whether that be to a small, concise creditor constituency or a large body of interested shareholders.

Claims Processing

Claims processing and its analysis is the foundation of our corporate restructuring business. Our proprietary software allows secure, real-time access to claim images, and the ability to generate customized claim reports.

Processing and Validation

Our secure and customizable electronic filing platform, JND SmartSign, allows professional filers to submit thousands of transactional records in one simple format. Documents filed with JND SmartSign are fully compliant with the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act. SmartSign virtually eliminates all data entry by JND; rather the creditors fill in their own claim & address information, reducing costs and saving time.

Claims Reconciliation

JND’s technologies and processes for reviewing, annotating, and designating all claims, ballots and forms, provide both debtors and advisors with a simple, collaborative solution to simplify the complex claims reconciliation process.

Data Transition

JND’s proprietary technology securely aggregates and synthesizes data from all inputs—claims registers, creditor data, and in-house spreadsheets—for a fast, seamless, and painless transition, without extra charge.

Balloting and Tabulation

We oversee the balloting and tabulation process from the initial draft of the Solicitation Procedures Motion through final tabulation and reporting. Professionals receive real-time balloting results via JND’s secure, web-based balloting platform. As necessary, we will also testify before the court.

Public Securities

Matters involving public securities do not have to be complicated if you have right team involved. JND’s securities experts are well-versed in the identification of, distribution to and communication with all stakeholders. Coordination with the banks and nominees is our domain; communication with street and registered holders our sweet spot. Don’t sweat the details – JND understands both the importance and nuance relating to public securities.

Benefits Distribution

We utilize our proprietary technology to coordinate every disbursement aspect, from bank account and escrow setups to tracking creditor records and payments and securing online access for review.

Tax Reporting

From reporting to preparing tax returns for qualified settlement funds, JND manages the final steps, so you can focus on your next case.

Our Technology


JND is the first and only agency handling claims and noticing that can manage all noticing and claims management functions electronically. Our technology and systems are designed to administer an entire case without printing a single sheet of paper.

Our proprietary technologies and tools also include the following features:

  • QR codes which store 50 times more data than traditional barcodes, and are standard on all our forms. This enables us to automate more processes and reduce costs to the debtor’s estate.
  • Case-specific chat feature allowing creditors to communicate with JND employees on any computer or device. It enables instant responsiveness, efficiency, and information movement.
  • Secure, cloud-based technology and data storage that utilizes the same security measures as most banks and financial institutions. Our web-based software includes 256-bit SSL encryption, anti-forgery keys for all forms, and SALT encryption on all key data.

JND Corporate Restructuring Cases


  • Ambient Corporation
  • Argent Energy Holdings, Inc.
  • ATK Oilfield Transportation
  • Atna Resources, Inc.
  • Morris, Schneider, Wittstadt, PLLC
  • nJoy, Inc.
  • Saab Cars North America, Inc
  • Saladworks, LLC
  • University General Health Systems
  • ValuePart, Inc.
  • Verengo, Inc.
  • Zelenka Farms

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