Post Confirmation Services

Post Confirmation Services

You successfully confirmed your Plan.  Congrats!  But now what?  Surely there are innumerable claims to reconcile, claim objections to serve, spreadsheets to update, disbursements to administer.  And what about tax reporting?  Rest easy. JND’s post-confirmation services offer exactly what bankruptcy professionals need: definitive solutions, seamless data transition & timely, accurate answers.

Claim Reconciliation And Analysis

Claims processing and the related, ensuing analysis lies at the core of JND’s business. JND’s proprietary, database was built with eye towards straightforward claims solutions while seamlessly integrating with the data needs of bankruptcy professionals. Claims services provided by JND include the following:

  • Comprehensive review of case docket to identify claim transfers, withdrawals, stipulations, orders and other documents affecting the final disposition of claims and updating the register accordingly
  • Maintain proprietary database allowing for secure, real-time access to claim images; providing clients with the ability to generate customized claim reports
  • Coordinate with Debtor’s counsel and financial advisors to create exhibits for various omnibus objections and claims-related pleadings
  • Track final disposition of all filed claims and scheduled amounts, including payments made, and prepare claims register for a clean and orderly close.

Seamless Data Transition

Cases often start small and grow exceedingly complex by confirmation. Perhaps you don’t have a claims agent, or are looking to reduce costs as the case winds down. JND can step in post-confirmation and provide professional service and value. Whether it be claims registers from the financial advisors, creditor data from the existing claims agent or Excel spreadsheets maintained in-house by the Debtor's accountants, JND is able to aggregate & synthesize data from all inputs. In doing so, JND promises a fast and seamless (and painless) transition. In other words, focus on what you do best while and let JND manage the data headaches.

  • Flexible & infinitely customizeable data fields, allowing original data to stay intact, accurate and as-received
  • JND’s technology & data storage are entirely cloud-based and stored in a SAS 70, SSAE16 and ISO-certified datacenter. Our web-based software includes 256-bit SSL encryption, anti-forgery keys for all forms and SALT encryption on all key data. In other words, JND utilizes the same data storage and security measures as most banks and financial institutions.

Disbursements & Tax Reporting

Post-confirmation, JND is able to coordinate the disbursement of funds to validated creditors. Working in conjunction with the Debtor and its professionals, JND offers the following disbursement services:

  • Coordinate bank account set-up with selected financial institutions
  • Review and verify claims data; facilitate disbursement process as outlined in Court-filed pleadings
  • Oversee W-9 form dissemination and collection; track and update creditor records for eventual tax reporting purposes
  • Track payments made; provide real-time updates to cashed checks and amounts outstanding
  • Secure online access to clients for review of funds remaining and payment status/tracking
  • Escrow services for funds to be held and eventually disseminated to Court-approved classes

To contact JND, please email us at info@JND.Legal or call us toll-free at 800.207.7160


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