Committee Services

Committee Services

Committee Websites: Creditor Committees play a major role in chapter 11 cases. Integral to that role is direct & meaningful communication with unsecured creditors. The most effective form of communication? Case-specific websites highlighting deadlines & issues.

Case-specific Websites

Personalized Website: JND will coordinate with counsel to the Committee to design, publish and host an informative website dedicated to the Committee and its constituency.

Up-to-Date Case Calendar: Every case is laden with milestones (e.g., Bar Date, Disclosure Statement Hearing, etc.). Tell us the relevant dates, times & locations and JND will maintain a case calendar.

Relevant Documents: Unsecured creditors needn’t be troubled with every pleading on the docket. With lightning-like quickness, JND will mimic the case docket in real-time, allowing your constituency easy access to critical information.

Contact Information: Creditors are often foreign to bankruptcy proceedings and have lots of questions & concerns. JND can clearly detail all contact information necessary for inquiring creditors.

Claims Filing Information: Proofs of claim are an integral part to a Chapter 11 case. We’ll clearly set out all the information creditors need: who, what, where and when.


Additional Committee Services

JND is upfront; priding itself on transparency and lean, efficient solutions. Our fee structure is straightforward and easy-to-understand. We don’t charge for staples, document customization, voice-recorded messages or overtime. With all that in mind, if your needs extend beyond JND’s Committee website offerings, we are standing by to provide immediate solutions for the following, non-exhaustive needs:

  • Creditor Inquiries: Phone ringing off-the-hook? JND can handle all creditor inquiries (phone, website, written correspondence) if the Committee is so inclined. Our smiling staff is equipped to provide fast & accurate answers.
  • Document Service: Pleadings are integral and JND can do what every other claims & noticing agent can: document service. Whether traditional hard-copy or more modern electronic service, JND is at-the-ready.
  • Voting and Solicitation: Committee overseeing the solicitation process? Let JND’s professional team handle the distribution and tabulation of ballots, freeing your team to focus on successfully confirming a plan.


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