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Amanda Horn

SVP of Client Services

JND Legal Administration

Amanda Horn is SVP of Client Services at JND Legal Administration.  Amanda joins the leadership team after practicing law and serving over twenty years in various leadership roles at third-party administration companies. With her vast experience in the industry, Amanda is in-tune with the ever-changing world of legal administration. Her legal industry knowledge gained, in part, by her longevity in the business has given her a perspective that benefits each client. Because her experience is not limited to practice area or party, Amanda is able to easily consult with key decision makers on either side of the aisle with the utmost understanding and professionalism.

Her experience in the administration world has not been limited to executive roles; instead, Amanda also worked her way through the operational ranks, giving her the advantage of being immersed in case management as well as being engaged in developing and maintaining client relationships. This unique combination of talents makes Amanda a valuable asset to clients as well as to JND as a whole.

Amanda has partnered with clients on many high-profile administrations in a vast array of business sectors, including the music industry, financial services, annuity, consumer products and employment, as well as cases involving data breach and the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA).  For example, Amanda worked tirelessly on the NMPA Late Fee Program, a 2010 out-of-court settlement facilitated by Kenneth Feinberg between the major music labels and music-publishers.  This protracted and complex music industry administration gave rise to additional significant music industry administrations under Amanda’s charge.

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